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Due to various forms of investment more and more, many problems exist in investment also emerged, investment enterprises are facing difficulties, especially some small and medium enterprises especially. Typically, investment work can proceed from the following three aspects.

After the new products to market, according to market positioning, product features, channel characteristics, to determine their own franchisees target group. Enterprises should pay attention to long-term development of enterprises, requires franchisees to have a functioning market viability, not as long as the money to be able to become a franchisee, not merely as a means of investment companies misappropriating.

Two-way investment is an opportunity to choose, like love, requires sexual gratification. If the enterprise as a man, then the woman is the franchisee. The man to show their strength and their spouse, the woman should be according to their own conditions to see whether the man reached the requirements, if conditions are met, then the two sides is a good thing. If conditions do not match, barely scrape together, then both parties would be a loss. If the franchisee inappropriate choice in the future market operations will be because of lack of franchisees operating capacity, affecting the normal operation of the market, since sales do not increase, the franchisee blindly to the manufacturers want to support, and the support of manufacturers and sales often hook, can not give too much support franchisees, resulting in disjointed cooperation, eventually leading to the franchisee "death."

Franchisee fallen, seemingly just franchisee losses, there is no impact on the business, but in reality is not. Generally speaking, a product into an area established by the number of franchisees is limited, the local franchisee drained, on behalf of the business lost in the regional market. Enterprises in order to re-enter the market is not so easy, though because of the franchisee personal reasons, but this is something that is not clear. Because people know the truth, then the product will lose confidence, want to develop new franchisees will be very difficult. Therefore, the enterprises, the franchisee is not lost, but the entire regional market. Enterprises in investment, the franchisee selection should be targeted, not to pick mushrooms, though all hope basket mushrooms better, however, for poisonous mushrooms must learn to give up. Otherwise, one may start to satisfy his own desire, but ultimately will hurt themselves.

Editing the scope of investment

Competitors franchisee

Because the industry competitors franchisees, products and more familiar with the operation of the market, companies can take advantage of its strengths in this area quickly start the market. Since joining the industry by competitors are very familiar with, therefore, to a competitor franchisees into their franchisees is not easy. Enterprises can find two ways

1) adverse operating conditions franchisee.

Such franchisees to determine due to the support of manufacturers is not enough or because the manufacturers themselves poor management, resulting in poor performance of the franchisee, the franchisee rather than their own causes. Franchisees have lost confidence in the competition. We can persuade them to give up the competition to become our franchisees.

2) operating in good condition, but the manufacturers disgruntled franchisees

Such franchisees operating in good condition, although there are good sales, but because the competition promises fail to realize that the interests of franchisees can not guarantee the franchisee competitors are not satisfied, we can convince them to give up the competition, become our franchisees.

3) operating in good condition, the manufacturers are very satisfied franchisees

Such franchisee competitors have a higher loyalty, but we can take advantage of price differences with some opponents to persuade them to open a separate store, you can repeatedly use the company's sales and service personnel to carry out operations. Because the two products at different price points, face the target consumer group, would not pose a threat to the original store, the franchisee is a best of both worlds in terms of things.

Related products franchisee

Related product refers to the product and business associations or similar product distribution methods, such as health care products and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, plumbing and solar energy equipment, bicycles and motorcycles and so on. Because these products are relevant distribution, the mode of operation of the product there is a certain similarity, and therefore the franchisee is often easier to get involved. Such franchisees have some sales experience, with a strong sense of marketing, there is a certain economic strength, but also in our investment is also relatively easy to find, they should be one of the key enterprises of investment.

Idle funds of potential franchisees

This part of the franchisee have a certain financial strength, and the desire to have investments may also become targets franchisee. Although they lack marketing experience and industry knowledge of the product, but because of their initial involvement in a new industry or business the first time, often work with special care, as long as a certain distribution of consciousness, after the manufacturers of training and guidance, you can quickly grow into good franchisee.

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Advertising investment

Advertising investment is an investment in our common way, it is mainly through various advertising media to spread the enterprise investment information to gather customer information by phone, fax, mail, etc., through further negotiations, and guide people to sell the enterprise The product. This investment approach is mainly adapted to the company's business staff is relatively small and in need of rapid development of the market, or the company's products have a certain reputation, in the latter part of the establishment of a sound sales network is relatively developed market, competitor and franchisee Related products franchisee has no intention to cooperate, if you want to further expand the market, you need to have idle funds seeking potential franchisees, which is part of the franchisee can not business people to find, only to spread investment information by way of advertising, this part of the potential franchisee developed.

Higher advertising investment costs for the initial launch of the new product is not suitable for investment by serving a large number of advertising investment approach. Since the people in the choice of investment projects tend to be more cautious, lack of brand awareness for new products, lack of confidence, no interest, so the advertising investment is not very obvious. Often they spend a lot of advertising, but also unable to recruit the right franchisee, resulting in a waste of resources.

Advantage advertising investment is spread wide, can identify potential franchisee can not find a lot of business people. The disadvantage is the high cost and low quality of investment, poor targeting.

Business people visited the China Merchants

Business people visited the China Merchants is the most direct way investment, is what we usually say to sweep the streets. It is mainly in the business to determine the investment community, the competitors and related products for the franchisee to be there for visits and communication, information transfer business investment, for investment.

This investment approach is mainly adapted to the new market and the early stages of market development, enterprise strength is relatively weak, there is no distribution experience for potential franchisees, corporate training and guidance can not keep up late, the company's main goal for the rival investment group franchisees and related products franchisee. Therefore, the enterprise business staff can arrange target group for targeted investment, rapidly visit.

Business people visited the advantages of the investment is targeted, high franchisee distribution capabilities, speed, can save a lot of advertising costs. The disadvantage is that there are idle funds can not find potential franchisees, for business people a higher quality requirements.